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Enhancing Marketing Workflow with ChatGPT – Ashley’s Experience


Ashley, an experienced marketer with an 18-year career, has worked in diverse fields such as e-commerce, not-for-profit fundraising, influencer marketing, and real estate coaching. Currently, she is the Chief Brand Officer for a disruptive real estate coaching business that challenges conventional wisdom. Ashley started using AI tools in 2022 but found it difficult to capture the brand voice and tone until she discovered ChatGPT in 2023.


Ashley faced challenges in creating engaging, on-brand content for social media posts, emails, and ads, while also maintaining a consistent tone and reading level. The need for time-saving solutions and creative approaches to marketing copy was critical for her role in the real estate coaching business. Moreover, she wanted to ensure that the content was easily understandable and conveyed the same message in various ways to keep the audience engaged.


Ashley integrated ChatGPT into her daily marketing workflow, leveraging the AI tool to:

  • Write social media posts and emails by providing specific outlines and mimicking the CEO’s writing tone. By adding the CEO’s name, Ashley found that ChatGPT could replicate her writing tone, cadence, and even emoji usage.
  • Create variations of the same message for ads and content by generating multiple variants of an example copy. This helped Ashley overcome the struggle of finding new and exciting ways to convey the same message after working at the same place for five years.
  • Adjust the tone and reading level of the marketing copy to a more accessible and conversational level. Ashley believed that the best marketing copy reads at a fifth- or sixth-grade level, and ChatGPT helped her achieve that without the need for manual editing.
  • Write long-form storytelling posts with a specific structure and outline for engaging content. Ashley found that ChatGPT could produce more engaging stories, especially when given clear instructions and plot points to follow.
  • Generate A/B-test hypotheses for troubleshooting marketing problems and optimizing landing pages, sales, and bounce rates. ChatGPT provided recommendations for testing different elements, such as buttons in emails, language variations, and reducing the number of questions on application pages.


By implementing ChatGPT in her marketing tasks, Ashley saved an average of 20 to 30 minutes a day and between six to eight hours a week. The AI tool enabled the creation of engaging, on-brand content while maintaining a consistent tone and reading level. Additionally, Ashley found new ways to streamline and optimize her workflow by interacting with other marketers using ChatGPT in Discord servers and Facebook groups.

Ashley’s experience with ChatGPT has been overwhelmingly positive. Almost every time she wondered if ChatGPT could help her with a specific task or streamline her workflow, she unlocked a new solution to improve her marketing efforts.


ChatGPT proved to be an invaluable asset for Ashley, transforming her marketing workflow and saving valuable time. The AI tool’s adaptability and capabilities across various marketing tasks demonstrated its potential for driving efficiency and creativity in the industry. By incorporating ChatGPT into her daily tasks, Ashley was able to enhance her marketing strategies and better support the real estate coaching business she worked for.

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