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No Code AI Platforms and Tools – Market Research (2023)

Market Overview

No-code AI platforms are AI development tools that enable non-programmers and non-AI experts to implement AI projects. These tools can also be used by AI experts for their projects. Though No-code AI platforms may not have the same capability as AI platforms, they still fulfill their purpose of enabling non-technical users to develop software solutions and projects.

No-code artificial intelligence tool makes AI clearer and easier to understand and democratize it by providing non-technical users with code-free environments for building AI models, ML programs, and automated processes. No-code tools use ways like templates, intuitive interfaces, and drag-and-drop editors to make AI for tasks like image recognition, object discovery, data bracket, and predictive analytics.[1] Due to their simplification, businesses can build Chatbots for themselves and indeed software inventors who do not have the skill and knowledge in AI can apply new features in their software solutions through no-code AI platforms and tools.

The goal of no-code AI platforms is to provide non-technical users, with the necessary tools and services to implement their own AI models and systems without writing a single line of code. AI experts can also use No-code AI platforms to accelerate their workflow. When analyzing data, Cyber security professionals may identify defects in their systems and improve accuracy. No code AI can assist businesses and individuals to complete successfully their tasks efficiently, not to mention advance those assignments that their software and systems couldn’t do.

No-code AI must be used to fill the gap between AI experts and domain experts. AI experts and domain experts rarely understood each other. No-code AI platforms and tools produce openings for sphere experts to test their ideas and communicate better with AI experts with the stopgap of filling the gap.[2] AI experts also can produce value for the sphere experts in a short period using no-code AI platforms and tools.

No-code AI platforms can be categorized based on the type of data (tabular, textual, and visual) that they target. They can also be categorized based on the type of interface: drag-and-drop or wizard-based. Non-experts users are comfortable with the drag-and-drop interface. The drag-and-drop interface has been proven to create opportunities for AI adoption on a large scale. Though no-code AI platforms create opportunities for large-scale use of AI, they will not replace data scientists or remove the need to write codes.

Market Size & Growth

According to Future Market Insights, the global no-code AI platform market was likely to be valued at $3.318 billion in 2022. The market size of the global no-code AI platform was valued at $2.581 billion in 2021 and was expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.1% between 2022 to 2032.[3]

The top five countries driving the demand for no-code AI platforms are the U.S., the U.K., India China, and Japan. The U.S. no-code AI platform market was valued at $1.3 billion in 2021 due to the strong presence of several leading players that provide AI solutions and services for the development of innovative mobile and desktop apps for enterprises and workflows and communication automation.


Source: Future Market Insights

Market Segmentation

Based on Technology

The No-code AI market is still a growing market. Most of the players seem to have positioned themselves above all on typologies of technologies (NLP, Computer vision, Predictive analysis) or specific use case management (classification problems, CRM, web-builders, business apps score leads, forecast sales, etc.)

  • Computer Vision: This a field of AI that allows machines to drive meaningful information from digital images, videos, pdfs, and other visual inputs,
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): This allows machines to understand and process language both spoken and written, for example, text messages.
  • Predictive Analytics: This makes predictions of future outcomes based on structured (i.e. tabular data).

NLP is widely used in chatbots, voice assistants, and language translators. NLP is widely used by companies for both internal uses and websites. According to Future Market Insights, Predictive analytics is predicted to have a CAGR of 19.7% by 2032 from 2022.

Based on Enterprise Size

The market is composed of both startups and large tech firms developing their tools. Startups are focusing on use-case specific rather than offering several options. Many large-scale tech companies Microsoft, IBM, and Google are implementing AI for multiple applications in the U.S.

Growth Drivers

  • The increased use of no-code AI platforms by non-technical users to automate repetitive processes is expected to drive the no-code market.
  • The Ability of no-code AI tools to empower domain experts to build AI projects will help in the growth of the market.
  • The No-code AI tool market growth is also a result of the intense evolution and implementation of machine learning and AI across the U.S.
  • Furthermore, the desire to make numerous business tasks automated and develop business models and programs that enable businesses’ real-time insights also aids in the growth of the no-code AI platforms market.

 Advantages to no-code AI

  • Accessibility: No-code AI tools help enterprises to make use of AI and can act as the stepping-stone towards intensified use of Data Science or AI in the future.
  • Usability: The plug-and-play allows everyone in the enterprise to find an AI result for a problem, in a budget-friendly way.
  • Speed: The stylish no-code AI platforms allow non-technical users to build ML processes and learn about ML quickly.
  • Quality: The No-code tools target non-technical users. Some AI platforms have mortal review functions erected- and ask for input when demanded. This reduces human error when setting up similar systems and allows direct commerce with the platform during diurnal operations.

Growth Restraints

Degree of personalization: Some no-code AI tools cannot adapt different parameters or processes.

Need for precise internal processes: no-code AI tools require specific integration and governance to avoid introducing more IT issues.

Dependency on consultation or training: No-code AI tools will probably need some consultants in understanding ML or making the built solution more scalable.

Consumer Analysis

No-code AI development

According to a Cisco survey, 83% of executives believe AI is a strategic priority for their businesses today, while 75% of executives say that AI will allow them to move into new businesses and ventures.[4] However, there is not enough data science talent in the U.S.[5]

Source: Cisco

Demand for AI Talent

In 2020 MMC Ventures notes that technology and financial service companies were absorbing 60% of the AI talent pool.[6] This forces smaller companies to rely on citizen data scientists for leveraging AI use cases.

Citizen data science is a term initiated by Gartner. According to Gartner, “a citizen data scientist is a person who creates or generates models that leverage predictive or prescriptive analytics, but whose primary job function is outside of the field of statistics and analytics”.[7]

Interest in Citizen Data Science Is Almost Tripled Between 2020-2022[8]

Source: Google Trends

No-Code AI Google Trends

The number of people interested in learning ML or AutoML is higher than that interested in no-code AI according to Google Trends.[9] Data scientists and engineers are yet to be replaced by no-code AI tools and solutions.

Source: Google Trends

No code AI Industry Adoption

According to  O’Reilly report the usage of AI is higher in Technology industry.[10]

  • Technology: 17%
  • Financial Services: 15%
  • Healthcare: 9%
  • Education: 8%
  • Government/Public Sector: 6%
  • Telecomm: 5%
  • Manufacturing 4%
  • Retail: 4%
  • Media: 3%
  • Energy: 3%
  • Defense/Security: 3%
  • Other: 22%

Value of No Code Tools

According to a Survey report “User Guiding No Code Marketing Report”, 85% of Respondents Choose “Yes” for no-code tools to add value to their lives and only 15% choose “No” for no-code tools that don’t add significant value to our lives.[11]

Source: User Guiding No Code Growth Marketing Report

No Code Tools Trust

The User Guiding No Code Marketing Report shows that 84% of people trust no-code tools.

Source: User Guiding No Code Growth Marketing Report

Usage Interest of No Code Tools

The User Guiding No Code Growth Marketing Report shows that %96 of those who don’t use no-code tools would be willing to use them in the future.

Source: User Guiding No Code Growth Marketing Report

Most Common Reasons For Not Using No-Code Tools

Source: User Guiding No Code Growth Marketing Report

Automating ML

According to O’Reilly’s report respondents who were “evaluating” the use of AI appeared to be less inclined to use AutoML tools (45% responded “None of the above”).

Source: O’Reilly report

Number of Companies Using AI

According to IBM, in the U.S., 25% of companies reported using AI in their business, and an additional 43% reported they are exploring AI.[12] In 2022, large companies are 60% more likely to use AI than small companies. However, 41% of small companies are developing an AI strategy for the future.

Source: IBM

Competitor Analysis

Levity: https://levity.ai/

Levity provides a no-code AI workflow automation platform. It enables non-technical users to make AI-powered workflow automation codeless. The platform provides its customers with AI blocks, which give a modular set of capabilities that can be used to make out an operation workflow.

Levity combines NLP and computer vision in a single platform to automate numerous processes, including subscribing up, creating an AI Block, and entering the first prognostications in as little as five twinkles. frivolity focuses on image, textbook, and document brackets and enables druggies to train custom models on their use- case-specific data – and is meant for businesses of any size. Multiple uses- cases are listed including automatically tagging images, moderating content, and grading service requests and Instagram prints.

  • Company size: 11-50 employees
  • Founded: 2018
  • Total Funding: $10M


Web Traffic Overview

Levity.ai’s traffic has increased by 44.63% compared to last month.[13]

Source: SimilarWeb

Geography & Country Targeting

In January 2023, India was the top country sending desktop traffic to levity.ai

Levity.ai Top Marketing Channels

The top traffic source to levity.ai is Organic Search traffic, driving 63.51% of desktop visits last month, and Direct is the 2nd with 32.36% of traffic. Paid Search is the most underutilized channel.

Source: Similarweb

Akkio: https://www.akkio.com/

Akkio is a simple, visual, easy-to-use platform that enables anyone to supercharge everyday deals, marketing, and finance tasks with the power of AI. Work in Akkio takes place on a dashboard, called a Flow Navigator, where customers make overflows; these are’ end-to-end’ AI models, in that they cover the entire process from inputting training data to model deployment. Structured data can be uploaded in irregular formats like CSV, Excel, or JSON.

Results can be reviewed and anatomized within the Flow Navigator and stationed using an Application Programming Interface (API) and tools like Salesforce and Snowflake.

  • Company size: 11-50 employees
  • Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Founded: 2019
  • Total Funding: $3M


The subscription plans start at $60 per month 

Website Traffic Overview

Akkio.com’s January traffic increased by 606.5% compared to December 2022.

Geography & Country Targeting

In January 2023, the United States was the top country sending desktop traffic to akkio.com

Top Marketing Channels

The top traffic source to akkio.com is Direct traffic, driving 37.35% of desktop visits last month, and Organic Search is the 2nd with 29.33% of traffic. The Paid Search is the most underutilized channel

Source: Similarweb

MonkeyLearn: https://monkeylearn.com/

MonkeyLearn offers text analysis and data visualization and data visualization plant. Features include automatically tagging business data, imaging practicable perceptivity and trends, and simplification processes.

There are options to use premade or custom-erected classifiers and extractors, as well as templates for a specific use- cases like social media or feedback checks.

  • Company size: 11-50 employees
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded: 2014
  • Total Funding: $3.2 M


Pricing for this tool starts at $299/month.

Website Traffic Overview

Monkeylearn.com’s traffic has decreased by 1.26% compared to last month.[14]

Geography & Country Targeting

In January 2023, the United States was the top country sending desktop traffic to monkeylearn.com

Top Marketing Channels

The top traffic source to monkeylearn.com is Organic Search traffic, driving 72.26% of desktop visits last month, and Direct is the 2nd with 22.24% of traffic.

Source: Similarweb

ObviouslyAI: https://www.obviously.ai/

ObviouslyAI on user-specific text data to be processed through NLP. The platform is especially useful for SMEs, who are looking for a tool that chooses the right algorithm for their requirements.Obviously.ai also supports multiple algorithms for training, but it automatically picks the stylish one grounded on delicacy.

Obviously AI can be applied for several business use cases such as:

  1. Forecasting company revenue
  2. Optimizing supply chain
  3. Personalizing marketing campaigns
  • Company size: 11-50 employees
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded: 2018
  • Total Funding: $4.6M


ObviouslyAI premium plan starts at $399 per month.

Website Traffic Overview

Obviously.ai’s traffic has increased by 42.52% compared to last month.[15]

Geography & Country Targeting

In January 2023, the United States was the top country sending desktop traffic to obviously.ai

Top Marketing Channels

The top traffic source to obviously.ai is Direct traffic, driving 50.58% of desktop visits last month, and Organic Search is the 2nd with 41.64% of traffic.

Source: Similarweb


Large and small enterprises are gradually migrating towards no-code platforms. Research shows that it is estimated that nearly 65% of application development will be done through low-code and no-code platforms as soon as 2024.[16]

AI is useful to utmost businesses, and No code makes AI more accessible to non-technical business directors. No- Code AI is the most affordable way to apply AI, which has the power to optimize any organizational KPI. It’s now easier and faster than ever to make AI models. Still, the price of some of these AI platforms is restrictive. Thus, businesses should insure that they estimate whether it’s worth the cost.

No-code platforms are relatively limited in terms of functionality customization. The models and processes aren’t as customizable and configurable as those written in the coded platforms. On the other hand, a similar custom model structure can be rather precious and time-consuming. Despite all this, for an arising assiduity, the No Code AI market is unexpectedly rich and will probably grow in the near future.


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